10", Type TS with optional supports.

Moisture Separators

DRY-FLO separators are designed for horizontal or vertical installations. The stainless steel separating tuyere diffuser causes the steam to enter a controlled centrifugal flow. Due to the centrifugal motion, entrained liquids and solids are directed to the outer walls of the separator. Re-entrainment breaker plates create a quiet inert zone to prevent liquids and solids from re-entering the flow stream once separation has taken place.

With correct sizing and proper drainage these separators are designed to eliminate 99% of all entrained liquids and solids that are 10 microns and larger in size.

DRY-FLO separators are manufactured in accordance with ASME Code Section VIII Div 1. All models are available in carbon steel and stainless grades. Most material types are available upon request.

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